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Selection Procedure

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First Round :
We shall be shortlisting 100 students(maximum) from all of the eligible applications received on the basis of  personal details and written statement of interest in addition to Eligibility criteria. Preference will be given to rural students. 

Second Round :  
An personal interview (Medium will be Hindi or English) will be conducted of all 100 students either via visiting to applicant home by our experts or phone call or any online medium as available. On the basis of evaluation of the interview 20 students will be selected finally after the verifications of their details and certificates.

From these 20 students, Top 3 of them will receive scholarship worth ₹5000 per annum (i.e. ₹500 per month during their BSc for 10 months per year) + personal guidance of our experts for their career. Rest of  2 selected students will receive the scholarship equal to their college fee (maximum ₹1000 per annum) + personal guidance of our experts for their career. Top 20 applicant CPNS 2015 will also get personal guidance of our experts for their career.
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